about h5

‘H5’ defines our approach; Harmony of the 5 Vaastu elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Air and Space in design.

We provide professional interior design services to transform spaces as per your personality, taste, preferences and style of living. Pragmatic, innovative and aesthetically rich concepts form the basis of our design philosophy.

“The identity of a space is solely a reflection of the individual living in it...”

The key is to understand the personal bond between a space and its user. The methods developed by us, help understand the client and their personality, based on which concepts and possibilities are invented and accomplished in excellence.

H5 Design is a sincere effort to reinvent implementations and delivery of design with transparent systems helping the client keep complete track of all resources and developments.


Yamini Agarwal, founder of H5 Design is an interior design master from Scuola Politecnica di Design of Milan, Italy.

Yamini started chasing her passion of designing spaces at the tender age of 17. She gained experience as a draftsman at an architectural studio, parallel to her graduation and there on, worked with several other firms such as Jindal Art Gallery, Gurgaon and Lombardini 22, Milan.

“The personal connection of the space with it’s owner is a crucial aspect in interiors that is mostly lost in design. Our goal is to capture this relationship in the most holistic and harmonious way possible.”

Yamini has developed a foolproof client analysis system, which is the basis of H5 Design’s approach to evaluate their requirements, choices and tastes. This creates a design foundation for the project, reduces the planning time and increases customer satisfaction.